Index of Severity for Osteoarthritis of the Hip by Lequesne et al


Lequesne et al developed an index of severity for osteoarthritis for the hip (ISH). This can be used to assess the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions. Your answers will enable an overall assessment of your health over the last four weeks. Please select the boxes than better represent your situation.

Patient Name

Section I: Pain or Discomfort

Pain or discomfort during nocturnal bedrest (i.e. sleep)

Duration of morning stiffness or pain after getting up

Remaining standing for 30 minutes increases pain

Pain on walking

Pain or discomfort after getting up from sitting without use of arms

Section II: Maximum Distance Walked

Maximum distance walked

Walking aids required

Section III: Activities of Daily Living

Can you put on socks by bending forward?

Can you pick up an object from the floor?

Can you go up and down a standard flight of stairs?

Can you get into and out of a car?

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